School Rules

The below rules apply to both the parents and pupils of the McSloy school.

  • Children are to be dropped off at class 5-10mins before start time. They should be lined up ready to go when class starts. Lateness will not be tolerated.

  • Parents are to ensure children are dressed in the correct uniform, shoes are tied and children have gone to the toilet before the class is due to start.

  • McSloy School Uniform- Please refer to the new starter page for details of what clothing is acceptable at class.

  • Children are to stay in the hall at all times. If your child wishes to use the toilet they MUST ask Jemma and should not leave the hall otherwise.

  • Parents MUST supply their child with enough water for the duration of the class. No eating is permitted during class time.

  • Pupils of the McSloy School are to show respect to their teacher and fellow pupils. Continuous rudeness and disobeying the teacher will not be tolerated and will resort to the pupil in question being suspended from classes, Feis and exhibitions.

  • Class Practice – When children are not dancing in front of the teacher they should be using that time to practice. Chatting and sitting down is not acceptable.

  • Parents are not permitted to sit in the dance class.

  • Parents are to not disturb children during class times by peering through the windows/door, calling children out or coming into the class. If your child goes to the toilet they are to then come straight back in to the class and to not sit and speak with you. Failure to comply with this rule will result in parents not being allowed to sit in the waiting area during the duration of the class.

  • Mobile phones are not permitted during class times. These are to be turned off at the start of the class.

  • Class payments are to be made at the beginning of the month and no later.